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Find Your Balance

My aim as an experienced Yoga teacher is to make the practice of Yoga an integral part of today's life and bring the practice to everyone - tailor-made to their bodies, their needs and their capabilities. 

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My Story

As an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500®/YACEP® as well as Certified Yogalehrerin YCH) I assist my students to bring balance to their bodies, minds and souls since 2008. I integrate different ancient traditions of movements, breath and meditation work based on the ISHTA lineage and support my students in finding the right practice for them. As unique as they are, as unique is their practice. Are you ready to change your life? Contact me.

Yoga at Home

My Classes

Just step onto the mat with me


Hatha Flow

My „Hatha Flow“ session is perfect for students who are looking for an in-depth body-mind-experience on the mat. Get ready to stretch and strengthen your body and arrive in the present moment.

Hatha Restorative

My „Hatha Restorative“ session allows your body to sink deeper into each asanas as we hold the poses longer and are supported. Once your alignment is in place the breath assists you to discover the subtle body and its nuances.


Yin Yang

My „YinYang“ session is a welcome respite from your daily stress and the velocity of our every day life. Grab a mat and a water bottle and start relaxing during this slower sequence of poses and longer holds which leaves you focussed and rejuvenated after the practice.

Yoga Nidra

Dive into Yoga Nidra which often is translated as the sleep of the yogi. Allow yourself to rejuvenate in this moment of not being asleep nor neither being awake. Come back to your day with a smile...

„Change your thoughts and you may change the World" 
Norman Vincent Peale


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Warrior One

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