What is Yoga?

Range is of the ego,

form is of the soul.

Alan Finger

Yoga means union/merging in Sanskrit and is an ancient philosophy/tradition that trains, develops and activates our bodies as well as our minds. The benefits of a regular yoga practice are far-reaching: stress reduction, strengthening of the muscles, improvement of posture and self-esteem. A harmonic interaction of asanas (physical activities), pranayama (breath work) and meditation brings a balance into our hectic life and therefore supporting a healthy and sustainable life-style.

I offer Yoga session in group settings or private session to meet people's needs and because each of us is unique.

I teach in Englisch, German and Swiss German.

Group Session

All yoga sessions in the group setting are designed so that you may experience a well-rounded yoga practice. Please check below for the location as well as the time for each classes. Please contact me for further information or a trial session - you can join at any time. 


Video Sessions / All levels

The Pivate Corner is a collection of different yoga videos for a practice in the comfort of your own home.

Please get in touch with me in order to access this area. Password protected!

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LUNCH FLOW / All levels

Live Streaming: takes place!

12.00 -1.00 pm

Airyoga Online


HATHA / All levels

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6.15-7.45 pm


Fabrikstrasse 3 - Zürich


HATHA FLOW / All levels

6.15-7.30 pm


Buchenweg 2 - Gattikon


HATHA FLOW / All levels


09.15-10.45 am


Gotthardstrasse 32 - Thalwil


YIN YANG / All levels

12.30-1.30 pm


Gotthardstrasse 32 - Thalwil

Private Session

Do you prefer to experience a yoga practice tailor-made to your individual needs and requirements? A private session offers you exactly this - for people who need more flexibility and have less time on their hands. All private session are agreed between student and teacher according to their individual schedule and bookable on demand. Please get in touch with me for a first meeting.