What is a

Yoga Retreat?

Yoga is not only getting more and more popular after work, but also on a break or during a well-earned vacation. Yoga Retreats give you the chance to leave your "daily life" behind and withdraw: this can be just for a weekend or even a sabbatical for a longer period of your life....


A Yoga Retreat is for everyone, but if you have a busy job or a hectic life - it can bring balance into your life. First and foremost, it will allow you to be present, find yourself again and start focussing on what is important in your life. A weekend or a week away supports this process best as it gives you the space to do so without being bothered by all the nitty details of everyday life. 

June 18-20, 2020

Yoga & Coaching in Allgäu

with Claudia Edelmann and Claudia Garati


September 4-6, 2020

Time out am Matterhorn:

Life is a journey, but....

with Claudia Garati



"Es war total lässig und auch sehr nachhaltig. Ich fühle mich immer noch ausgeglichen trotz Vata-Wetter...."


M., Teilnehmerin Yoga Weekend Zermatt 2014


"Durch das Erlernen der Dosha-spezifischen Übungsvarianten konnte ich meine persönliche Practice substanziell weiterentwickeln."


S., Teilnehmerin Yoga Weekend Zermatt 2014